Red, White and Blue…Velvet!

Fourth of July and patriotic decor is the perfect time to use the extra red velvet ribbon you have from Christmas. You can add a blue or white velvet to stay with one ribbon type, a respectful and dignified choice if you are making a Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day wreath or bow.

July 4th often takes a more fun and sparkly turn! Here, mixing the velvets with a glittered or metallic ribbon adds a boost to the party. Linen and burlap styles keep the vibe homespun while tan and tea dyed designs create a prim “1776” appearance. Swap burgundy for red to enhance the prim effect! For a modern palette, use a turquoise blue in place of navy or royal blue.

For more choices to mix and match, check our patriotic ribbons, solid reds, solid blues, solid whites, red stripes, blue stripes, red polka dots and blue dots. And, of course, visit our Etsy shop for all our ribbons!

shows dark navy velvet ribbon, white velvet ribbon, red velvet ribbon
shows three wired ribbons, red velvet, white velvet, royal blue velvet

Red or blue polka dots bring an extra dimension.

Big white dots on navy blue 1.5" wide wired ribbon from the Etsy shop of Cottage Crafts Online.

Add some sparkle

Try these for a prim look

Looking for a solid coordinate?

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White Velvet Style TEN YARD ROLL

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