Plaids – Fall & Christmas


“Green Teadye” Hunter Bold Check

“Harvest Tartan”
“Adam 100” Plaid


“Laurel Check” Open Weave
“Scottish Plaid”
“October” Plaid
“MacLeish 100” Plaid
“Stan Check”

“Cabin Check Mini 9”
“Buffalo Stripe Twill”
“Country Prim Check” in Moss
“Grey Buffalo Plaid”
“Forest Glen”
“Buffalo Stitch Lime” and Red
“Kent” Dupioni Plaid
“Cabin Grand 40”
“Shetland” Dupioni Plaid
“Hudson” Twill Plaid
Red “MacIntosh” Plaid
“McAvoy” Tartan
“Oscar Buffalo Red”
“Lewis” Plaid
“Country Prim Check” in Blue
“McKinnley” Dupioni Plaid
“Evan Red 40”
“Kent Red”
Christmas Plaid Red Lime Green Ribbon From the Cottage Crafts Online shop on Etsy.
“Ann Check 1”


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