Weekly Top Five Forecast Blue Skies

The weekly top five ribbons all feature the color blue! Navy burlap continues to hold near the top of the list, joined with peacock satin, navy stretch lace and navy mini stars. Let’s count down to #1!

#5. Navy Stretch Lace

We offer the navy lace in three lengths, by the yard, in three yard increments and a money saving 10 yard roll. For all our colors of stretch lace, see here.

Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2" wide from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2″ wide


#4. Peacock Feather Printed Satin Ribbon

Peacock Feather Satin, 1 1/2" Wired Ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Peacock Feather Satin, 1 1/2″ Wired Ribbon

#3. Navy Burlap

Available in a 3 yard length, a 10 yard roll and as a 50 yard lot.

Navy Burlap Wired Ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy Blue Burlap, 2 1/2″

#2. Bright Navy Blue Mini Stars

The 1 1/2″ width came in at #2, but we also carry a 1″ width. There’s also red and burgundy, plus two new colors will be listed soon, Silver and Purple. To see the complete mini star collection, click here.

White Mini Stars on Navy Blue 1.5" wide Wired Ribbon from CottageCrafstOnline.com
White Mini Stars on Bright Navy Blue


#1. Blue Green Teal Ombre

The second week in a row for an ombre ribbon! Teal comes in two lengths: a 3 yard roll and a 15 yard roll. To see all our ombre listings – over 50 – click here.

Teal Blue Green Ombre wired ribbon, 1 1/2" wide,  from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Teal Blue Green Ombre


“Peacock Feather” won the most likes of the week, with these three right behind.

Apple Green Burlap, 1 1/2" wired ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Apple Green Burlap, 1 1/2″
Sage Green and White Linen Check 4" wired ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Sage Linen Check
Pink and White Gingham Check Wired Ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Pink and White Gingham