Weekly Top Five Ribbons: Navy Rules Again

Navy blue burlap has regained its top spot on our weekly top five! In fact, blue is a dominant theme throughout the top five ribbons and craft items. From burlap to ombre to lace, blue appears to be the color of the year. Want to see what we have to offer when you search for “blue ribbon” ? Over 200 choices of solids, plaids, ombres and ribbons with blue accents!

#5. White Jingle Bell

Making a second appearance in the top five, a super-large white jingle bell. Maybe they’re being used to signal visitors to summer cottages on wreaths and door plaques?

White Jingle Bell, 2 3/4" diameter from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
White Jingle Bell, 2 3/4″

#4.  Teal Ombre

Another second time winner! Ombre ribbons transition between colors, making them the go-to choice of ribbon flower crafters. The soft blending of colors in “Teal” evoke the ocean and coordinate nicely with “Peacock Feather”, Dark Teal “Anisha” and “Gelato” in  Celadon. Teal ombre comes on 3 yard roll as well a cost effective 15 yard roll.

Teal Blue Green Ombre wired ribbon, 1 1/2" wide, from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Purple Wired Tinsel


#3. “Fini” Black and White Check

A classic pattern, “Fini” mimics the iconic checkered flags used to signal the end of auto and motor sports races. Fini is a 2 1’2″ wide wired ribbon, offered in 3 yard lengths and a 25 yard roll. “Raceway”, a similar pattern with a smaller check, comes in both a 1 1/2″ width and a 2 1/2″ width. To see all our sports themed ribbons, including football and baseball, click here.

"Fini", black and white flag check 2 1/2" wired ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
“Fini”, 2 1/2″ wired ribbon

#2. Navy Stretch Lace

Navy continues to be our most popular color stretch lace, but black is sneaking up on it. For the Navy: 1 yard, 3 yards and a 10 yard roll. For all our stretch laces, click here.

Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2" wide from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2″ wide


#1. Navy Blue Burlap

Back on top! If there were proms for ribbons, navy burlap would be voted royalty! Wired navy blue burlap, 2 1/2″ wide, is available in a 3 yard length, a 10 yard roll and as a 50 yard lot.

Navy Burlap Wired Ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy Blue Burlap, 2 1/2″


 The three items with the most likes of the week are

Prim Continuous American Flag, Ivory Tan, Red and Blue, 2 1/2" wide wired ribbon by Reliant Ribbon from the Etsy  shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Prim Continuous Flag, 2 1/2″
"Raceway" 2 1/2" wide wired ribbon Black and White Check by Reliant Ribbon from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
“Raceway” 2 1/2″ Black and White Check
"Pigskin" football themed wired ribbon, 2 1/2" wide from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
“Pigskin” wired ribbon, 2 1/2″ wide