Christmas Black and White with a Touch of Sparkle

A Christmas black and white customer created ribbon combination that sparkles with sophistication! Black and white ribbons paired with one of our favorites from this season, the grey and white deer print “Darden” and two traditional Christmas ribbons to provide sparkle. There’s a nice mix of textures, too, with sheer snowflake, the satin taffetas of Court Jester and Polka Dot and the felt or velvet of Darden. From the top left: Darden, 3 yards or 25 yard roll; White Snowflake, 3 yards, 10 yards or 50 yard roll; Polka Dot Black, 3 yards; Court Jester 2 1/2″, 3 yards or 25 yard roll and in the center, “Let It Snow, 3 yards or 20 yard roll.


Black, Grey, White and Red-Glittered ribbon combination from


We have plenty of other choices that fit this color scheme. For the white snowflake, you could substitute any of these

Blizzard white iridescent glittered snowflake wired ribbon from
“Blizzard” 3 yards or 25 yard roll
Silver Glitter Scroll Filigree on white sheer wired ribbon from
Silver Scroll, 2 1/2″, 3 yards, 10 yards or 50 yard roll