Fall Wreaths of a Different Color

The fall and holiday wreath making season kicks into high gear as we ease into September. The palette of colors for fall wreaths and arrangements is vast and not limited to the reds and oranges (as gorgeous as they are). This fall wreath mixes muted greens with creamy ivories and touches of apricot and brown for a nice transition from the brighter colors of summer.


choosing colors for fall wreaths by CottageCraftsOnline.com


choosing alternative colors for fall wreaths by CottageCraftsOnline.com


Ribbons can accent the colors in your wreath, tie them together or make a stronger statement for a color you want to use but your floral choices are limited. In the bow on the “Verdant” wreath, three ribbons are used.

One is a 1 1/2″ width green plaid and two others are 2 1/2″ wide, a solid and a sheer. The solid is a wired taffeta, while the sheer is a simple cut edge ribbon without wire. Looking at the photos, I’m not sure the plaid ribbon is wired. The wreath was made a few years ago and moved on to another home, so I can’t double check. It’s the straightness of the tails that makes me believe it isn’t. By varying the width and textures of the ribbons, you add richness and interest to your design. It’s one more way your wreaths will carry your own design stamp — the combinations you choose are unlikely to be duplicated. 

Another thing this bow illustrates is that one or two wired ribbons can “carry” unwired ribbon, especially if the unwired ribbon isn’t floppy or too heavy in comparison. It also shows the way the plaid brings together the creams with green, while the other two greens pick up shades from the flowers, foliage, and embellishments.

How ribbon choices can enhance or add to the color scheme of your wreath or floral arrangement by CottageCraftsOnline.com

How ribbon choices can enhance or add to the color scheme of your wreath or floral arrangement by CottageCraftsOnline.com

Your wreaths and arrangements stand out from the competition when you use color and embellishments wisely. Subtle color transitions and repetition unify, making a design that’s easy to live with for an extended period of time.

Embellishments can help bring colors together, add texture and create a one-of-a-kind design. Notice the variegated coloring of the pomegranates. They blend apricot, green and even the yellow green and golden cream colors of the florals while adding a bit of contrast. The twig and string balls contribute natural textures and the larger pussy willow ball echoes the greens with a soft velvety texture.


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