Weekly Top Five Ribbons: White Bells Ringing

Blue continues to dominate the weekly top five and top three favorited items, but the #1 spot this week went to last week’s #5 – large white jingle bells! A sassy coral satin makes a surprise appearance, adding a nice color contrast to the blues and purples. If blue has your heart, though, click “blue ribbon” .  You’ll be treated to over 200 choices of solids, plaids, ombres and ribbons with blue accents!

#5. Dark Plum Ombre

Making a first appearance in the weekly top five is a best selling ombre shade, dark purple plum taffeta, 1 1/2″ wide.  It comes in 10 yard rolls and a cost effective 25 yard roll.

Dark Plum Ombre, 1 1/2' wired edge ribbon from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Dark Plum Ombre, 1 1/2′

#4.  Coral “Contessa” Wired Satin

Also making its debut in the weekly top five, coral pink, 1 1/2″ wide, wired single faced satin ribbon . The Contessa line by Offray Lion Ribbon features a silky smooth single faced satin with the design flexibility of  a wired edge in a wide range of colors. See all our Contessa listings here.

Contessa Wired Satin Ribbon, 1 1/2" wide by Offray Lion Ribbon from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Contessa Wired Satin, 1 1/2″

#3. Navy Stretch Lace

Navy  stretch lace returns! How about pairing it with ivory? For the Navy: 1 yard, 3 yards and a 10 yard roll. We have several colors of stretch laces, click here to see them all.

Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2" wide from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2″ wide

#2. Navy Blue Burlap

Slipping down a notch to the number 2 spot! Do you need a thin navy burlap as an accent to your main project or to tie around candlesticks or mason jars? Take a look at “Burlette”, our narrow unwired burlap which is available in navy .  Wired navy blue burlap, 2 1/2″ wide, is available in a 3 yard length, a 10 yard roll and as a 50 yard lot.

Navy Burlap Wired Ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy Blue Burlap, 2 1/2″

#1. White Jingle Bell

Shooting from the #5 spot last week to the top of the pack, our 2 3/4″ extra large white jingle bell. You can purchase a single bell, a pack of three or, for the best savings, a pack of twelve. Need a smaller white bell? We have a set of six 1 1/2″ white jingle bells here.

White Jingle Bell, 2 3/4" diameter from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
White Jingle Bell, 2 3/4″


 The three items with the most likes of the week are

Arabesque Light Blue wired edge ribbon by Offray Lion Ribbon from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Arabesque Light Blue
Prim Continuous American Flag, Ivory Tan, Red and Blue, 2 1/2" wide wired ribbon by Reliant Ribbon from the Etsy  shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Prim Continuous Flag, 2 1/2″
Star Envy Royal Blue Sheer Wired Ribbon with Silver Glitter Stars , 1 1/2" wide from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Star Envy Blue, 1 1/2″