Weekly Top Five Ribbons: Navy Tops May

Surprise, surprise, Navy Blue takes three of the top five spots on the favorite ribbons list for May! Somehow, Iced Plum “Charisma” snuck in there and the large white jingle bell held its own but Navy was the big winner for views in the Cottage Crafts Etsy shop.

Of course, Navy is popular for Americana and patriotic decor, but it’s also trending high with brides, with lace adorning cakes and satin used as a sash and floral wrap. We predict it will remain at the top through June, especially for 4th of July wreaths, floral arrangements and picnic decorations. Speaking of July 4th, keep an eye out for a post with all our new patriotic ribbons coming soon!

#5. Navy blue burlap twine

Natural burlap string on a 400 yard roll. Along with Navy, Natural Tan, Ivory and Red are best sellers.

Navy Blue Burlap String Twine Cord from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy Blue Burlap String


#4. Iced Plum Charisma

“Charisma” ribbons are gorgeous two tone taffetas that shimmer from one color to the other, creating tones which show on both sides of the ribbon. Iced Plum, 1 1/2″ wide, is a mid-range purple that flashes a soft mossy green – gold, depending on the angle of the light hitting it.


Purple Lavender Iced Plaum Charisma Taffeta Wired Ribbon from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsONline.com
Iced Plum Charisma


 #3. White Jingle Bell

Also versatile, our super-large white jingle bell can fit into almost any color scheme. Pair it up with our red bell for July 4th — oh, you want to add a navy bell to that? Only takes a quick pass with navy spray paint over the white! Or a few brush strokes of navy craft paint for stripes!


White Jingle Bell, 2 3/4" diameter from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
White Jingle Bell


#2. Navy Stretch Lace

Navy continues on as our most popular stretch lace color. For the Navy: 1 yard, 3 yards and a 10 yard roll. For all our stretch laces, click here.


Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2" wide from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy stretch lace, 2 1/2″ wide


 #1. Navy Blue Burlap

Back on top!   Wired navy blue burlap ribbon, 2 1/2″ wide, is available in a 3 yard length, a 10 yard roll and as a 50 yard lot. Don’t forget coordinating 5/8″ cut-edge navy burlap,  navy burlap string and heavier weight navy burlap cord! Other excellent navy blue choices include double sided satin, faux dupioni silk Anisha and semi-sheer Kempton.


Navy Burlap Wired Ribbon from CottageCraftsOnline.com
Navy Blue Burlap, 2 1/2″


  The three items with the most likes for May are

Linen Music Notes, 2 1/2" wide, ivory wired ribbon from the CottageCraftsOnline.com shop on Etsy
Linen Music Notes
Dark Orange Berry spray, pack of three, 18" long from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Orange Berry Spray
Black and Ivory Cowhide Print Wired Ribbon from the Etsy shop of CottageCraftsOnline.com
Black & Ivory Cowhide


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