Christmas Fun in Blue

Brighten up your Christmas decor with cheerful, fun yet elegant ribbons. The cheerful snowpeople of Norris mix easily with the fresh blue, red and pale olive plaid Flambeau, available in 1.5″ and 2.5″ widths. A faux dupioni with a subtle sheen, Flambeau adds light and sophistication to toyshop inspired themes. Keeva Lagoon brings extra sparkle and comes in both 1.5″ and 2.5″ inch widths. Molly provides equal amounts of blue, light lime green and red while white and silver Aetna adds crispness. Word of warning: both Molly and Aetna are in extremely limited supply. To see all our ribbons for your fun, traditional or farm style designs, visit our special shop section.

A stack of ribbon on top of each other.
A close up of a ribbon with a snowman on it
A close up of a ribbon with pine needles
Flambeau 1.5″ wide
A blue ribbon is laying on the ground
Keeva Lagoon 1.5″ wide
A close up of a ribbon on a table
Flambeau, 2.5″ wide
A colorful ribbon hanging on the tree
A blue ribbon sitting on top of a table.
Keeva Lagoon, 2.5″ wide
A close up of three rolls of ribbon
A stack of ribbon on top of each other.

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