Mountain Home Christmas

A customer chose this ribbon combination to decorate her home in the mountains for the Christmas holiday season after consulting with us recently. Now’s the time to ask – we can usually respond within a few hours or the next day with suggestions for complementary ribbons! In another week, the rush season will be on us and, while we are always willing to help, it may take a day or two instead of hours. And the ribbon you want may sell out! She knew she wanted to use the Deer & Laurel and was looking for a plaid. After reviewing a few options she chose this trio: Divinely Royal Bark, Deer & Laurel, and Vonda 4″ Plaid.

A close up of three different types of ribbons

For a brown in faux dupioni, you could use Corsica.

A brown ribbon is hanging on the wall.

To add a bit of shine, try one of our several red metallics, such as Glow, Sparkle and Regina.

A red ribbon is sitting on top of a table.
A red ribbon is sitting on the floor

Metallic striped Regina comes in two widths, the 1.5″ size shown below and a wider 2.5″.

A red ribbon is sitting on top of a white table.

The Simone line of flocked velvet ribbons provides an affordable velvet style. Brown comes in two widths, 2.5″ wide and the narrower 1.5″, shown here.

A brown ribbon is laying on the floor

For a more casual red, consider Divinely Royal in Burgundy

A red ribbon is sitting on top of the table.

To highlight the gold glitter accents of Deer and Laurel, try one of these.

Vespa, 2.5″ wide.

A close up of a ribbon on a table

Dyana Gold, 2.5″ wide.

A close up of a ribbon with pine needles

Mystic, a glittered semi-sheer in Champagne Gold.

A close up of a piece of lace

Or for red and gold in one, faux dupioni Red Dyana features a red front with a gold back.

A red ribbon with gold trim on top of a table.

For new ribbons,

Visit our Christmas & Holiday 2023 page Or check our new ribbons section on Etsy often! New ribbons will be listed almost every day over the next few weeks. And, as always, visit our Etsy shop for all our ribbons.

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A close up of a ribbon with deer and bow