5 New Ribbons for Spring Wreaths

Spring has arrived, and with it comes a new season of decorating and crafting. Here, we’ll look at five new ribbons to create new projects or freshen your existing wreaths and decor.

1. Pastel Sherbet Nickie: Pastel colors are a classic choice for spring decorations, and our new color in the Nickie line of plaid faux dupioni ribbons is no exception. Nickie Sherbet’s soft pinks, blue, green, lavender and yellow create a delicate look perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, baby showers, and weddings.

2. Laura Floral: Flowers are a staple of springtime, and floral-patterned wired ribbon is a great way to incorporate them into your decorations. New Laura features large shrub rose flowers with gold centers.

Laura Coral with soft salmon pinks comes in a 2.5″ width, while Laura Pink, 1.5″ wide, has a brighter tone. Or choose from our many floral patterns, including roses, daisies, and tulips, to create a colorful and cheerful display. Floral wired ribbon is perfect for wrapping gifts, creating bows, and adding a pop of color to wreaths and garlands.

A close up of a ribbon with flowers on it

A pink and white floral ribbon sitting on top of a table.

3. Birdsong: What says spring more than birds singing? Birdsong, 2.5″ wide, has happy birds in soft teal blue, coral and green on branches surrounded with blossoms. The brighter blue edge and darker coral highlights make this ribbon a standout in your decor.

A close up of a ribbon with birds on it

4. Fresh Lime Green Faux Linen: New growth abounds in spring, the fresh greens springing from the ground, as bulbs emerge and grass wakes from winter slumber. Buds on trees and shrubs herald new leaves and flowers. Our Lime Green Divinely Royal, 2.5 wide, is the just-right complement to patterned ribbons. The faux linen texture adds dimension and the wired edge allows you to fashion bows and garlands to your preference.

5. Bright and Bold Stripes! Welcome spring with the exuberance of Delia, 2.5″ wide, with sassy pink, purple and green diagonal stripes. One of our many ribbons from luxury ribbon company, d. Stevens Fine Ribbon.

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A roll of fabric with birds on it

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